Koch Snowflake Fractal

Paper: Star of David cutted from
Model: jeremy Shafer
Book: Origami Ooh La La! p. 249-50

When folding "fractal origami" this refers most time to some iterational step with decreasing size, like the Hydrangea or other flowery designs, i.e. some kind of self similarity. The Koch snowflake is a fractal in the mathematical sense, with a non-integer dimension. Mathematics aside, it is a pleasing form and a valuable shape for origami indeed.

Gold: Jeremy starts with a triangle, folds a Star of David from it and turns that into the Koch snowflake. I tried that with the golden model and gave up: Using something multilayered as a starting point for a tessellation is not fun. I pressed a few of the rabbit-ear triangle sinks in place and then decided, that if I do not start with a square anyways, why not start with a star of David?

Red: I cutted a hexagon, cutted a star of David, did the prefolding according to the book and alas: worked just fine, see the red model.

Blue: I started drawing a CP and thinking a bit how to minimize unnecessary folds and came up finally with the blue model. I wasted a bit more paper, letting the tips of the star pointing to the edges of the hexagon instead of the vertices, which allowed me to avoid any folds not needed. I really like how clean the model looks now. See for a better view on the result.

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