Hon David Koch,Chairman of ACCS/ACB

Opening Address was by Hon David Koch,Chairman of ACCS/ACBF. He also introduced the investment and Business cooperation between Australasia and China.

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Tagged: , In 21th Sep 2016 , Australia China City Summit & Business Forum held at Melbourne Town Hall was in a great success. The furum attracting more than two hundred people from government in China , Australia , New Zealand , South Pacific area and different enterprises which enhance the engagement of culture communication , economic & trade cooperation between China and South Pacific Countries and thus creating prospect for future opportunities Opening Address was by Hon David Koch , Chairman of ACCS/ACBF. He also introduced the investment and Business cooperation between Australasia and China. Jason Wood MP make a speech according to China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA) under ’One Belt and One Road’ Policy Michael Guo , the Australia International Trade Associate & Association made a speech.He specially talk about the rapid growing scale of the forum compared with last year will be result of increasingly information exchange and cooperation opportunities. Zhining Yang , venture capital project and immigration project. The promotion of ‘Glamour Ice City Harbin introduced Harbin City industry and cooperation projects. The director of Shanxi Commerce Department Sun Yuejin made a speech according to the five advantages o , Industry , Mineral Product , Policy and Position field. Three mayor from Palmerston North , Spearhead Manawatuand Manawatu New Zealand introduced about the advantages in Manawatu Region , such as Education , Nature envioronment , Talents Resource and Agriculture Resource. Mark O’Sullivan , the Chief Executive Officer at Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria , emphasised the important role that Australia& China Cities Summit & Business Forum have undertook. Being a exellent platform have established the friendship between two contries and increased the mutual understanding on argriculture and related industries , then , introduced the a series of business operates over the worldwide and future dedicating the business to advance on agriculture industry. Also , He expecting to seting up bilateral relation deepen in the relevant field with China. Graeme Ford , the chief Executive Officer of Vic Farmers Federation , illustrated the current statue of Victoria farm and high return of its investment. He also expeting to cooperating on the relevant field and making future developement between China and Australia. Yuan Yingxin , the vice president of CPPCC Xi’an Municipal Government made a speech on the general profile of Xi’an province. As an important connecting of Eurasia and internation city of ‘the Silk Road’ , Xi’an is not only famous for the long history but also for the developement of Technology and Industrials. He emphasised on the introduction of Xi’an International logistics park and the expectation of opportunities between China and Australia. Liu Xian , the Secretary-General of Hebei Industry & Information , elaborated the current statu of the growing industry and Information in Hebei province , with particularly on photovoltaics , electronic applications products , satellite navigation industry. Along with the rapid development of economic and information integration in Beijing and Tianjin , andHebei , investment opportunities emerged unceasingly in this area The deputy president Zhao Guangpei , from China Bee Product Association talked about the current marketing and potential opportunities of bee product in China. He estimated the consumption of bee products will go up to 500g per person , which approached to the developed countries. He also expressed his confidence in the future development of China bee product , simultaneous , China bee product industry also expecting to have a further collaboration with developed countries in Australia and New Zealand. The delegate from Anhui Foreign affair office talked about the ‘new opportunities’ that Anhui province have faced with. At th , Anhui province is eager to looking for cooperation in terms of Technical development , consolidations and acquisitions , investment and fund with Australia and New Zealand.


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