Charles and David Koch - The Koch Brothers

Charles de Ganahl Koch and David Hamilton Koch are the notorious Koch Bothers. The brothers own Koch Industries and are major benefactors for organizations and candidates involved in pushing radical Republican policies. The Koch Brothers use their immense wealth to cast a shadow on American government at all levels and form it to their own design.

Your vote has value to the Koch Brothers

Would billionaires spend millions to influence your vote if it had no value?

The image of the U.S. Capitol was adapted from a photo in the public domain a by Gryffindor available via Wikimedia. The image of the Whitehouse was adapted from a photo in the public domain a available via Wikimedia. The caricatures of Charles and Koch are original paintings in Photoshop.

Posted by DonkeyHotey on 2015-03-10 15:57:24

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