How To Select Great Party Music

Lucy is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles. I would describe it as a debacle, a farce, a mockery, a charade, a travesty and an evil perpetrated on the American people. A two-disc set was issued legitimately by EMI in 1994.
Karaoke no longer has to be reserved solely for weekend festivities with Tunes of Texas at Papa’s Ice House in The Woodlands. Coated in a pink neon glow and boasting a casual atmosphere, this establishment is a long standing bar in The Woodlands area. They continue to create a draw with both their food and entertainment. This bar’s best characteristic, aside from the flamingo pink exterior, is the laidback vibe. Plastic tables, chairs and an open air patio make it feel more like a country ice house than a bar in The Woodlands. The $1 draft beer isn’t bad either.

Tunes of Texas is on site Wednesday through Friday, offering up a diverse karaoke selection with an even more diverse group of singers. Everyone from the seasoned, Kelly-Clarkson-belting vets to rather tipsy Led Zeppelin amateurs perform each night. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in the song list binder: “Don’t worry we’ll find it!” was the response. So bring any obscure request their way. They were able to find a Five Non Blondes song after hearing me hum a few notes, badly. Several drinks in, it may become almost impossible to recall nineties music; but Tunes of Texas knows their stuff.

The easiest thing to do is to fire the on-air talent. I never witnessed a contest like this but I saw a few that were weird. I remember one that involved the morning guy standing outside at a gas station in his underwear and having stickers ripped off his body with prizes written on them. Now this was not deadly but it was strange.

Howlin’ Wolf – Know for his loud electric blues, Chester Arthur Burnet, also known as Howlin’ Wolf, was a large main with a large presence, and it showed in his music. He is one of the pillars of blues music, known most perhaps for his song Spoonful, covered by many, but also for others like Smokestack Lightnin’ and Back Door Man.

Eric Clapton – While he may not be the greatest among the greats in this genre, he must be included in this list, even though many of those under him have been direct influences. The reason is simply because from among the blues musicians, Eric Clapton has managed to obtain mass appeal even among non-blues lovers, while maintaining a distinctly blues sound. While some may consider him a rock artist from his Cream days, there is no doubt from his solo recordings that he is a blues musician. Perhaps known to the masses most for his heart rending Tears in Heaven, he has countless other amazing songs.

11. Satch Boogie: Joe Satriani: Surfing With An Alien:A tour de force of classic Joe Satriani licks. It will test your speed and really build some chops if you have the patience to attack it.

Really, when was the last time you were alone with your thoughts? Between the computer, the cell phone, the husband or wife and the TV, it can get rather noisy in one’s head. Alone in the car, you can outline your biz plans, formulate the grocery shopping list, ponder the latest national issues. or heck, you can even switch to Old College Boyfriend Fantasy Mode.

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