How I Became A Led Zeppelin Fan

I have skiing accidents involving broken bones that were far less painful. The people of Lloyd Zeffler worship at the alter of rock and roll. It was my first time playing overseas, and it was amazing to connect to a new audience far from home.
Ray Charles – One of the most recognizable names in entertainment, Ray Charles’ success was unparalleled. His version of “Georgia on my Mind” is instantly recognizable, he appeared in various movies, such as Blue Brothers, and even had a movie made about his life entitled Ray. While his life was plagued with addiction, blindness, and personal problems, his music stands the test of time. Unfortunately for this list, he was a prolific country and pop artist as well as a blues musician, and his blues songs do not compare with many other artists in this genre, landing Ray Charles the #10 spot.

I couldn’t figure out how he was doing what he was doing, but I remember really liking the music a lot. I remember trying to learn “Yakety Axe” and I couldn’t figure out how he got the tone. One summer, our band the River Rats learned “Yakety Axe”, that’s one of the first Chet tunes that we played. Back then I had no idea about a thumb pick. I didn’t even know people used thumb picks on the guitar except Leo Kottke. I did see Chet on television a few times when I was a kid, and that had a big influence on me. I saw him on TV with George Benson, and on a few other TV specials like the Glen Campbell Show.

Black Dog Records, named for the friendly black Labrador retriever, who, along with his golden retriever companion, faithfully watches the store and greets customers, is a veritable treasure trove of classic records. Whether you’re looking for an original pressing of a rare Moby Grape record or a new Sundazed issue of a Byrds LP, Black Dog records is Houston’s first name in classic rock.

8) Bad fit: let’s admit that we all aren’t in as good of shape as we could be. This doesn’t mean that we either a) wear loose clothing to hid our faults or b) go in denial and wear size 30 jeans when we are really a 36. Nicely fitting clothes will work wonders on an out of shape body.

Cliffs of Dover: A Via Musicom: Eric Johnson:This one is certainly challenging in spots but well worth the effort. It starts with a rip-roaring E minor flurry that gradually descends and then climbs back up the neck with some awesome palm muted triplets into a killer G-Major lick before settling into the main theme.

Other acts already covered by Rockabye Baby! include Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Green Day. There is even a poll on the company’s website where you can vote for the band you want to go soft next. The current poll includes Bon Jovi and even Slayer.

May 31, 1982: “Beatles at the Beeb” radio special airs in the U.S. in 1982 during Memorial Day weekend. For many Americans, this is their first exposure to the BBC recordings. Rip Rense, a writer for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, had examined the recordings in a multi-part newspaper series that year. (See our story on that here.) The Beatles’ BBC recordings were widely bootlegged. A two-disc set was issued legitimately by EMI in 1994.

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