‘Haunted History 2’ Presents ‘The Manson Murders’

Jeffery and Randall not only fight their own drug addictions but a psychotic dealer as well. It wasn’t freedom that he sought as much as the presence of God. The song also found a spot in the animated pop art film “Yellow Submarine”.

Like many albums of the Nineties, The Downward Spiral was comprised of a heady mix of different genres. It’s heavy rock feel and electronic beats made for a chaotic mix that still holds up well today. Like many albums of the time it could not be placed in a simple pre-existing category and ended up being classified as Alternative. The Downward Spiral was an inspiration for many subsequent rock/rap mashes.

Roberts was given up for adoption 41 years ago after his biological mother, Terry, whom he found living in Wisconsin (with the help of a social service agency), admitted that she was raped by Charles Manson two years before the Manson Family murders.

I Do Not Want This is built upon the subject’s grim acceptance of what he has become. “I’m losing ground. You know how this world can beat you down.” The subject has all but given up on the world around him.

Anybody who has ever written a paper or checked out a book about Classicism has their house meticulously searched by the CIA. These people are also placed on the “No-fly list”.

A more authentic use for dolls in voodoo is the practice of nailing the doll – together with a shoe – to a tree near a cemetery. They are supposed to act as messengers between the lands of the living and that of the dead. However the myth of the voodoo doll appears to owe its origins to ancient Europe.

Got a lot of stuff going on right now. The new mixtape coming out soon, got a tour in the works and a ton of other shit. Just staying as focused as I can right now.

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