Gold Medal Winner

Gold Medal Winner
Image by Anne Worner
Macro Mondays October 9, 2017: Sidelit.

Where I took photography lessons, this was called 90-degree light.

"If you are shooting outdoors at near sunrise or sunset, simply face either north or south and the light will fall at 90 degrees on anything you see for a subject. If indoors, you might use window light and face so that the window is at your right or left, then place a subject such as a person or a vase of flowers, etc. in the light from the window. Again the light will be at 90 degrees. Same if you are using a different light source such as an umbrella with flash or a table lamp. Just place it directly to the side of the subject and make your picture."

This is the top part of a kitty whistle; hand made from red clay. The area is appx 2 1/4 inches square. The tail contains the whistle.

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