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About 30 people at a time can fit into the crown, which has 25 windows offering a panoramic view of the harbor. So it is possible that I’ve missed some amazing films this year. We usually go up the trail and load the deer in the pickup.
Dana Stanley, born September 27, 1942, met Edward Morrill born August 28, 1930, while working as a teacher’s aide in the Dakota County school system.

For the easy to maintain piece, I forgot to add ‘without moles or chipmunks’ and probably no grubs would have been a good thing to add. The moles and the chipmunks have moved in big time. I’m not the only one complaining. Is it just our neighborhood or is it a nature phenomenon? The world wide underground web is now connected throughout the yard and flower beds. Ripping up most of the front lawn has only solved the watering problem. I am considering a backyard grass makeover and for the [http://www..tune] in next spring. Do moles and chipmunks swim?

Enjoy your travels. Hopefully your next trip will be to somewhere beautiful, full of adventure, or relaxing. When Tropical Storm Allison hit us in Houston we ran off to Paris. When Hurricane Rita hit Houston we had just moved to Ann Arbor. When Hurricane Ike hit we were in Disney World. This is the first time we didn’t just miss the storm for a vacation or a recent move. So, keeping our fingers crossed that this turns out to be just another Drummond family adventure.

Dieng is a three-year professional and was notably the last cut for this year’s L.A. Galaxy. Dieng has played for the USL San Francisco Seals and Cincinnati Kings. He was a national semi-finalist with the French U-18 side.

This is a movie that children and parents alike will enjoy, albeit for different reasons. In fact, it should be interesting to see which side of the family loves it more. In ours, it is pretty much a toss up. I’m up for watching this movie again absolutely anytime my grandson wants.

Usually at the threat of snow, others pick up toilet paper and milk at the supermarket, I purchase enough food for an army. I ready myself for a day of cooking; soup (usually chicken), brisket, maybe a long cooking meat sauce for pasta and even a cake from scratch. Snow storms bring out an inert instinct to want to have pots boiling away and something delicious in the oven roasting, filling the house with the “good mother” smells.

If you’re heading overseas for a semester abroad and can’t survive without your laptop, cell phone, hair dryer and LCD TV, make sure you bring the right voltage converters and transformers so you can stay plugged in.

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