Gameday: Kansas State (5

The Aggies have some nice wins (Missouri, Oklahoma State, LSU and Texas stand out), but nothing spectacular. When scanning the list, the starting running backs jump out at you: Brennan Clay and Jonathan Miller.
The Big Ten Network and Big Ten Conference announced Thursday that the Iowa-Northwestern football game in Iowa City at Kinnick Stadium will be shown in prime time.

Problem is, the Utes haven’t played anyone of note since the Panthers game and they’re coming off a bye week. Is a letdown in sight against the unranked, battle-tested Iowa State basketball this weekend?

“It is not easy to start a game in a hole,” said Looper. “Kayla settled in and started attacking the hitters. She has to continue to get ahead of hitters.

It’s week 10 of 2011 college football and the Texas A&M Aggies have a showdown with the Sooners of Oklahoma. This game between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Oklahoma Sooners will happen on Saturday of week 10. If you wanted a conference showdown, this week 10 you got it. So, the Texas A&M Aggies allowed 21.9 points per game while the Sooners scored 37.2 per game. I got the Sooners in this game. 12 – 2 was the tally last year for the Sooners. In 2010, the Oklahoma Sooners came in ranked 3rd in passing, 83rd in rushing, and 14th in total scoring.

NEEDS TO: Win. Badly. A team that was supposed to have turned the corner after head coach Scott Drew led them to the NCAA Tournament last season has been the Big 12’s biggest disappointment. The Bears have won just five league games this season, and, at one point, dropped six conference clashes in a row. Baylor only lot by four, albeit at home, to first-round foe Nebraska in the last game of the regular season.

Broyles amazing performance was overshadowed in the third quarter as Murray scored his second and third touchdowns of the game, breaking Steve Owens’ 41-year old record with his 58th touchdown as a Sooner.

Large donations to athletic programs are commonplace from businessmen and other fans of a program, but there is something different and special when a former athlete gives back to the team that gave him the opportunity to succeed. It shows that players really did love their time at the University of Utah and considered it a pivotal era of growth and maturity in their lives. They make the recruiting job a lot easier when coaches can point to professional players who loved it enough to give back.

In week 13, the contest will be between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Longhorns. This game takes place on Thursday the 24th of November. One thing that adds to the level of excitement about this contest is that it is a conference rivalry. Both of these teams are in the Big 12 – South conference. The most important thing to look at is the record of the respective teams and, in this respect, the Longhorns were 5 – 7 in 2010. The Texas Longhorns came in with the 66th rated running attack in college football. The Texas Longhorns put 23.8 points per game on average last year.

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