Freeze Frame: Big East Basketball In Mid

We’re not going to be settling for just staying close with everyone. Another man entered the scene and helped hold the alleged shoplifter down as Villanova maintained pressure on him. Looked like Duke would get Coach K his fourth title.

When the NFL changed the way they do the Draft the second round has really gained in importance in the casual, and even the die-hard, Rams fans eyes. There is some time to really take a look at what the Rams did and what the Rams might be able to do. Tonight is as big of a night in some ways as the first night of the Draft. The St. Louis Rams will have two selections tonight that could very well determine the difference between becoming a playoff team in 2011 or being another average to mediocre team.

On someone he feels might be overlooked right now: “Well it may be Sean Lissemore. I don’t know if he has gotten the notoriety and I think a lot of that is because of Adrian. Everybody focuses on Adrian, sees him and focuses on him but I think Sean might be one. On offense it might be Rob Varno. Rob has really developed into a quality player.

Of course, the observer will notice it is way too early to talk NCAA tournament, but that has never stopped ESPN’s Joe Lunardi from breaking out his bracketology predictions. According to Lunardi, the Big East, Big Ten and ACC will each admit seven teams to the tournament. He assumes the Pac-12 will get in six teams, the SEC five and the Mountain West and Big 12 will each get four.

Nick: What am I, the AC legal correspondent? Do I look like Roger Cossack? Do I have slicked-back grey hair and glasses on and do I live in Bristol, Connecticut year-round at the ESPN studios just in case an athlete does something stupid so I can get some camera time? Do I have friends who’ve been dogfighters/killers and have gone to prison before? Am I here for your amusement?

The Irish, winners of the 2001 National Championship, have been to eight previous Sweet 16s, including last season’s OT loss to Oklahoma, while Temple is seeking its first.

Villanova jumped out to an 8-5 lead with 15:40 remaining in the first half on a pair of free throws by Kurz. Two minutes later, Nova’s Lisa Karcic dropped a three-pointer to make it 13-9 and she hit again with 12:30 left as the Wildcats took a 19-11 advantage. Emery hit a pair of free throws to cut the Wildcats lead to 30-27 with 3:00 remaining and her jumper right before the buzzer had the Pirates within one point, 30-29, at the half.

On blocking for a mobile quarterback like Archer: “We still have to do the same thing that we’ve done in years past. We’ve got to block. The plays don’t change. It is an exciting backfield.

On what he expects from his team: “Well I expect them to be confident, I hope that they are confident, but I hope they know what they have to do to prepare. I certainly don’t think they’ll take anything for granted. I think there are some guys who are on this team who have come up through the ranks who have had some tough times as well as some good times and they understand what it takes to be successful. They’ve seen it, they’ve seen other guys do it, they’ve had a good example of it and I think they’re ready to step forward and do it. All I want to see is everybody work to reach their potential.

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