FATA Faces FATA Voices (report + photos at link)

FATA Faces FATA Voices (report + photos at link)
Sara Ali Khan
Image by FATA Reforms
Link: bit.ly/fatareport | Reports and Photographs from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan.

Published in November 2014, the report features photos taken by young photographers from FATA, examples of everyday life in Mohmand, Khyber, Kurram and South Waziristan agencies. Images of the iconic Khyber Pass and many towns along the border with Afghanistan lend a real-life dimension to this largely unknown, and often ignored or misrepresented region of Pakistan. In a part of the world where photography is uncommon, these photographs depict subtle interactions of FATA citizens at work, at school and during informal moments throughout the tribal areas.

The report text, entitled "The Struggle for Rights and Reforms in Pakistan’s Tribal Areas" describes the history and trajectory of reform demands made by Pakistani citizens, civil society groups and the people of FATA. Also included are quotes from citizens and political leaders, collected to show opinions and visions for the future of FATA. Voices included demonstrate a strong desire for equal rights and equal participation in the context of Pakistan’s evolving democracy.

For those who know the tribal areas well, this report may serve as a reminder of the great number of Pakistanis working for a brighter future for FATA. For those previously not aware of the political activities in FATA, the report may provide a new and unique glimpse at the diverse richness of the culture and people in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

The 75 photographs were carefully selected from over 1,000 that were submitted for review. All are from young photographers between the ages of 17 and 30, from varied socio-economic backgrounds in FATA. Without their efforts and talent, the report would not have been possible. Many thanks to the photographers–and those featured in their work–for the privilege of sharing these images and the stories they tell.

Photographers: Alimgir Khan, Ammad Ahmed Khan, Azmatullah, Faryal Mohmmand, Faisal Khan, Huma Gul, Irfan Ali, Jebran Yousefzia, Rizwan Bhittani, Rohida, Saba Rehman, Sara Qayum, Seema Gul and Shah Jehan.

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