Dustin Hoffman’s Greatest Movies Of All Time

Turturro: I could have put the dates and the names. Empire Burlesque, his self-produced follow-up to Infidels, was released in ’85. Five of Costner’s best movies are Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham, Tin Cup and Upside of Anger.
The Academy Awards, better known as The Oscars, are a ceremony where Hollywood’s best performers of the year are rewarded with praise and little gold statues. Most of the attention goes to categories such as Best Picture, Best Actor, or Best Actress, however, music plays a huge role in movies and fans of music (who isn’t?) may anticipate hearing who the winner is for Best Original Song.

A peculiar film that I absolutely loved was From Dusk Til Dawn. This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez with a script written by Robert Kurtzman and the brilliant Quentin Tarantino. If you like vampires and guns, this is a great one.

Released in 1970, Patton was one of the best biopics of all time, about the controversial United States General of the same name. This film also won best picture of the year, and is considered a classic by any US film history enthusiast.

Her HBO concert of the “Farewell Tour,” and its subsequent DVD on Image Entertainment as been a consistent top seller, as has been the cd of the “Farewell Tour.” I have seen the FAREWELL Tour 8 times, flying to Vegas to see her at the MGM Grand for New Years 2005, and for the FINAL show at the Hollywood Bowl, April 30, 2005. And why, you ask? Simple, if this really were to be the last show, being a fan for more than half my life, I felt I needed to be there to say farewell. As it turns out Cher will be back in 2008. Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas has signed the icon to take over the reins when Celine Dion’s contract is up. She said she would no longer do a long tour, so technically this doesn’t count.

So what makes a good treadmill movie? Something so mindless that you really don’t have to pay attention? One that has things bouncing up and down more than a porn movie? Actually, a treadmill movie is kind of like an airplane move; it keeps you engaged, passes the time, and you can follow the plot without having to pay close attention to, or even listen to, the dialog. The question of what movies were best for treadmills intrigued me, so I got on my treadmill and started watching movies.

Blythe Danner has starred in many productions in films, TV and Broadway. Her father, Bruce Paltrow, produced the critically acclaimed TV series that is considered the precursor to many medical shows today, St. Elsewhere. That TV show also starred an up an coming Denzel Washington. Gwyneth 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Actress in Shakespeare in Love. She recently starred in the first Iron Man film.

Arthur is a comedy movie starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, and Jill Eikenberry, with the plot centering on a man fond of drinking, who stands to inherit a fortune, but only if he marries a specific woman. The theme song known as Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do) not only won an Oscar for 1982, but also the Golden Globe. The song was performed by Christopher Cross who was the winner of the 1980 Grammy for Album Of the Year. Songwriting credits were given not only to Christopher Cross, but also the trio of: Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager, and Peter Allen. Fans of the Arthur Theme wishing to check out more singing from artist Christopher Cross can do so at the Official Christopher Cross Website.

What do all of these movies have in common? I think it’s that they all feature a protagonist who is battling formidable forces and must drawn on all of his strength to prevail. This can inspire us to reach our own goals. If Arnold can slay that many bad guys while injured, can’t we at least keep putting one foot in front of the other? If that doesn’t work, you could also try tying a carrot to a string and dangling it in front of your new treadmill.

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