Cristiano Ronaldo: I’d Love For My Son To Be A Soccer Star Just Like Me

The mercurial Irishman scored 137 goals in 361 appearances for Manchester United. He played very consistently and regularly for Manchester United, but could not find a place in the England squad before ’96.

2010 FIFA World Cup get its finnal champion at last. Spain beat Netherland with score 1:0. The 8th champion team in the FIFA World Cup history comes out. At the speacial night, people feel happy, crazy while somemen would be different.

How much did Manchester city cost the oil billionaire? Well the figures might be small fry when the oil billionaire is rumoured to control 1 trillion dollars. It will take a few hundred million, probably close to 700 million before Manchester City will be able to compete with its near neighbours on the football pitch. Buying the best players for huge sums of money does not buy you the league or the Champions league. Real Madrid tried that, having some success, but in recent seasons the Champions League has been hard to come by. Chelsea tried and certainly bought the league and some fans, and even the Champions League was a foot a way from being at Roman’s bedside but on a rainy night in Moscow, the heavens opened and Terry slipped to the floor.

He started off by playing for Manchester United in the youth team. The Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson had a great faith in his youth team. Beckham did not disappoint and quickly established himself as United’s right side mid fielder. He played very consistently and regularly for Manchester United, but could not find a place in the England squad before ’96. He made some spectacular goals and thus became a house hold name very soon. His performance in 1998-99 seasons fetched him the “runner up” to Rivaldo for the 1999 European footballer of the year awards. He was the highest paid foot ball player in the world. During this time United won the Premier league; title six times, the FA cup twice and the UEFA champions’ league in 1999.

Team Captain – David Beckham. A gay icon and a pop-star husband. oh, and a multi-million pound galactico with a golden right-foot who likes nothing better than delivering on the biggest stage. There was a lot of rumors flying around that Beckham would not be the Captain of the World Cup but that responsibility should fall on to the shoulders of the likes of Steven Gerrard. Having not been a Captain at club level one must wonder ho Beckham got the job in the first place.

Yet for some reason Chris Duhon is not on the NBA ballot. Neither is David Lee, who is in ranking near the top in rebounds per game and double-doubles (Read: 9 consecutive).

Then news has surfaced that Robinho is most certainly off the market for Chelsea according to Real Madrid’s president. If this is true, you’ll be seeing either a mad Chelsea scramble in the next two weeks to acquire a world-class striker or a much larger effort to appease Didier Drogba and get him back on track for this season. Failing to do both could be fatal. Arsenal also has signed Emmanuel Adebayor to a long-term deal. At 24 years old and with 30 goals last year (including 24 during league play), he represents a substantial part of the Gunners’ attack – smart move by Arsenal.

Liverpool’s recent game against Reading has added a lot to Liverpool’s problems list. Liverpool lost the game 2-1 in extra time, moreover they lost three first team players in this game. Striker Fernando Torres will be out from action for six weeks, while Steven Gerrard will be sidelined for two and Yossi Benayoun is set to miss a month.

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