College Football’s Biggest Upsets In Week 1 In 2013

They are currently in a dogfight with Oregon, Boise State, TCU and Auburn for the prized spot. Lightning wasn’t close to striking in Charlotte, however. Kristen Wood took the loss, allowing three runs in two innings.
As an active college football fan, I have attended games at dozens of locations throughout the country. I compiled the high points and low points of my trips and put them into a series of articles for your viewing pleasure.

IT WOULD BE NICE IF OKLAHOMA COULD: Beat both Kansas and Missouri en route to the Big 12 title. Doing so would avenge two of OU’s three conference losses and restore some faith in Oklahoma’s Iowa State basketball guard play.

Two additional players to keep an eye on are Bubu Palo and Tavon Sledge. Palo played all 32 games last season and proved capable of playing the point position. Sledge may be the person with the most potential. He is incredibly fast and was ranked as the 3rd best participant in New York City following averaging 25.3 points and 5.2 assists in his senior season.

Oklahoma Sooners – 2009 was supposed to be a season in which the Sooners competed for a national title. Instead, Sam Bradford suffered a serious shoulder injury and they went just 8-5 as a result. The injury did allow Landry Jones to get his feet wet, and now Oklahama once again looks poised to win the South.

Iowa State also shot the three-ball incredibly well last season, draining 275 (8.6 every game) of their shots from beyond the arc. That was sufficient to pace the conference and rank 13th around the country.

A loss to any of those teams, however would confirm suspicions that 1) Kansas, not Oklahoma, truly was the best team in the Big 12 this season and 2) OU can’t beat teams with good guards. A loss would also make Oklahoma just 6-4 in their final 10 games, which is a category the committee takes seriously. If OU does lose, dress warmly if you want to see the Sooners in the NCAA tournament. Minneapolis is cold, even in March.

The upcoming season will mark the third straight year that an Iowa football team has hosted at least one prime time event at Kinnick Stadium. The Hawks defeated Penn State last season and beat Michigan in 2009.

Two losses and one win would put the team at either a semi-acceptable 6 and 6 or a joyful 7 and 5. For Aggie fans who have faith in what Dr. Johnson, in another context, called the “triumph of hope over experience,” those numbers could be bettered to 8 and 4. But don’t bet the farm on it.

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