College Basketball 2009 Elite Eight Badly Struggles In 2010

That bowl is always a shootout and this year should be no different. He had a good game, he threw for 300 or better and made some good decisions. Villanova came into the 2010-11 season ranked No. 1 in the Big East by Athlon Sports.
Seton Hall junior Nicole Emery had 14 points and freshman Kandice Green added 11 points and 6 rebounds as Seton Hall (15-8, 3-7 Big East) suffered a frustrating loss to Villanova, 54-51, on Saturday at Walsh Gym in South Orange. Villanova (15-8, 7-2 Big East) was led by Laura Kurz with 18 points and 9 rebounds.

How about up North? Purdue is the surprise leader in a Big 10 collision that includes Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Indiana (though those recruiting violations are a problem), and then Ohio State on the outside. Can the Boilermakers stay on top? With an impressive week that included victories over the Spartans and Badgers, they’ve shown they can and will take it to the big-shots of Big 10 basketball. Stay with the leader here: Purdue takes it.

Jake Emen: Yes, as the resident boxing-head, I did watch and happily pay for the PPV event between Floyd Mayweather and Ricky Hatton. It was a great, exciting fight with a dramatic and memorable finish. This fight is projected to have been bought by some 1.4 million people, making it one of the highest grossing boxing events ever. So what does boxing need? More of this! Good, exciting matchups. Fighters with personality. And most importantly, a place where they can showcase that personality, such as HBO’s 24/7 documentary series that followed the fighters around. Boxing is different from the major sports– you don’t have an automatic “hometown team” to root for. So it’s imperative that non-hardcore fans get a chance to know the fighters and get involved in boxing through the boxers themselves.

However, Villanova rallied back to take the lead, despite another poor game from Scottie Reynolds. The Wildcats’ effort was better than Thursday’s, as they got many points off of St. Mary’s turnovers. The two traded spurts in the final minutes, until they were tied at 65 with under two minutes left.

On the defensive line: “I expect a great deal of leadership. I think we have two of our co-captains on the defensive line in Sean Lissemore and Adrian Tracy and they’re already good players and good leaders. I’ll look to them and then on the defensive line we have a lot depth, we’ve got good players so I’d look for us to play a lot of people there.

On personal goals for the year: “I hope to catch balls and just be productive, be involved in every play. That doesn’t mean I have to be catching the ball, even if that means I’m running someone down downfield to make a block downfield. Just be in every play. Be active.

Columbia is on its first three-game winning streak since 1997 and have the highest scoring offense in the Ivy League. It has not won in Philadephia, however, since 1995.

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