Chris Brown Fame Album Release, Confirmed Set For March

Loud is Rihanna’s fifth album, and the fans are loving the first two songs that have hit the airwaves. They are the reason I have been able to accomplish what I have. Megan Fox has kept busy away from the set as well.

As previously reported, Rihanna’s friends speculated Chris Brown had been abusive before. Now Rihanna has confessed to police the allegations are true.

I was asked to go, but Warped Tour has evolved a lot over the years, and is one of the strongest tours. This is the 16th year this year, and people break out, like Eminem who was on Warped Tour when “My Name Is” came out. You have artists like Katy Perry, who a lot of people don’t realize she was on Warped Tour when “I Kissed A Girl” came out. It was an honor to me to carry on that tradition and have my first single break out when I was on that tour, and I had a blast.

Blue Ark is the reggae station in the game. It features a variety of music from reggae artists such as Yellowman, Dennis Brown, and Lee Scratch Perry.

Cut-outs, backless, strapless and low-cut patterns are pure rapper’s delight. It’s okay to show off your shapeliness; there’s no such thing as too seductive. Everything by Jasz Couture falls into this category.

If anything, things have changed for the worst. Women do not help in the equation when they sing loudly and proudly about their sexual exploits (without protection) rather than their smarts. Rihanna called her 2007 album Good Girl Gone Bad. In 2011 Lil’ Kim teased men and ground her hips while asking the Tootsie pop question, “How many licks does it take till you get to the center of it?” The candy company certainly wishes it had copyrighted the phrase. Meanwhile Kim was presented as a model, an anatomically correct doll with properly moving sexual parts, and a delicious piece of provocative candy.

It was sometimes longer than that the whole tour. That is my favorite part of the day, to say thank you to the people that allow me to live my dreams. I hope people know that I know that not for a split second would I be able to do this without them.

Also, if you decide to shop for bikinis online, there is a wider selection of brands, colours, and patterns than traditional stores. This makes it easier to experiment with new trends that might not even be in stores yet.

While Oprah prepares for Thursday’s show on the subject, Brown and Rihanna are waiting for the next step as to legal proceedings. Brown is charged with two felonies, but he is out on bail, and a plea deal may eventually be made.

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