Charles Manson Is In The Top 10 Celebrity And Musicians Xrank On Bing?

In this instance, that was definitely not a good thing. Coraline is no different, its stop-motion weaves a spell almost immediately over its audience. Mike who also hosts a celebrity rehab show similar to Dr.
We all know Los Angeles is called the City of Angels. But author Tony O’Neill is here to tell you, if you believe that, then he’s got a sex tape to sell you. His latest novel, Sick City, brings together everything we’ve come to associate with the city of dreams; sex, drugs and lots of money. But if it were that simple we’d all be high, multi-orgasmic, millionaires. Instead it’s the demons that take their pound of flesh. O’Neill delves deep into the underbelly of Los Angeles with a story that shows there’s no such thing as easy money but there’s plenty of hard dirty living. There’s a price to pay for every request and every request is hardcore. By the end of the book I needed a hot shower with a Brillo pad.

Do not kill yourself. I do not mean that 2010 is a great year for suicide. I just mean, if you happen to die in 2010, you’re blessed, lucky, serendipitous, or have good karmic ties. You call it what you want to call it. But you will miss out on the macabre year of 2011. And 2012 will be no better, either. And 2013; don’t think about it.

There is also the violent allegations that brings fear to Denise. Rumors have circulated that Charlie has told everyone around him how much he “violently” hated Denise Richards, making the threat that he was going to have someone shave her hair all off.

While Manson’s one search result turned up from February 23, 2010, it was from The Gaea Times. This story was about Katy Perry and how she pictures her fiance, Russell Brand. She says he has the looks of Morrison, Manson, Jesus, and Presley. To me, that’s one strange combination of how to describe the man your going to marry. To put Jesus in the mix of two overdoses and one serial killer seems to be rather out there. Does that hit anyone else as strange? However, it does explain how Charles Manson could hit the top 10 for musicians. It might explain how Manson could hit the top 10 celebrities as well.

America needs to once again be the head of the world, with a self-awareness, and loving kindness that doesn’t oversee the world, but leads it with integrity.

So, which crowd will you be with this on Valentine’s Day 2013? Will you be cuddling up with your honey on a romantic dinner? Or, will you be single, loving it, and plotting your next move on the dating scene?

Sure I can understand why Sandra Bullock hit #1 since Jesse James and her are in the news. I can even understand Kirstie Alley hitting #2 with the promotion of her new reality TV series. I can even understand why Green Day was #1 on the Musicians list since yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and they are going to have their own Rock Band video game. I just can’t wrap my brain around the whole Charles Manson thing with Bing.

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