Best Place To Visit In Paris – Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Last month at the G20 summit in Paris, U.S. Now 46 countries around the world celebrate Mothers Day although some of different dates. That’s the brilliant, Einstein-like approach to getting a foot in the door.

Madonna is getting divorced. Or is it married? Nope. It’s a divorce. It seems to be a routine procedure for the Hollywood crowd. I’m not making any judgment on them, just stating a fact.

Earlier, I’d arranged with the manager of a local supermarket located three blocks from where we had our English classes, to bring the 15 adult learners for a field trip. Representing Colombia, Brazil, Poland, China, Korea, Puerto Rico and Vietnam, the group made a curious sight as we stumbled through the remnants of a week-old snowstorm. Many of them had experienced snow for the first time only a matter of days ago. Two of the newly immigrated Chinese men wore sandals. I kept my comments on this to myself, confident that they’d learn soon enough. I just hoped they didn’t get Pneumonia.

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Remember those good ol’ days for the University of Maryland women’s basketball team? Well I guess we still are in those good ol’ days but a few stars from the not-so-distant past are excelling in the world of international basketball.

So somewhere, in this twilight-zone, state-of-being, I discovered my right to be heard as a writer. To say my truth, unapologetically and without censor. Through the darkest days, teetering on the very edge of endurance, I survived. In time, I healed. And my writing returned. Renewed. Stronger than ever.

How, in addition, to the unexpected, cataclysmic nature of earthquakes, the figurative ground of my life kept shifting under my feet. How there were days when I didn’t think we would pull through as a family, or how I would be able to survive one disaster after another without reprieve.

If you want to watch a movie that will make you laugh and touch your heart, Ratatouille is the perfect choice. I can almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. This one gets top rating – – five out of five stars – – and you know that I don’t often award that kind of praise.

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