Bearcats Take Down Georgetown Again As Big East Tournament Is Set

We’ve got some experience; the strength of the defense is up front, clearly. The Wildcats knocked off heavyweights Duke and Pittsburgh to reach the Final Four. No excuses this time – everyone needs to be ready to play.

Welcome back to the only text-based adventure on the Intranets that never ceases to entertain: AC’s very own flagship sporting tit-for-tat-fest that goes by the name of Sportswriters, Experts, & Clowns.

So, I guess I would pick some random game started by Sandy Koufax from 1955-1957 at Ebbets Field. I would love to see first hand how hard he threw and how big the curve really was, even if he didn’t find the strike zone with it. And I’d love to see a Major League game in Brooklyn and get into arguments with the fans if Willie, Mickey or the Duke was the best CF in NYC.

On what fans should expect from this year’s team: “I have high expectations myself. We’ve worked hard. In years past, we haven’t done as well as we’ve wanted to and so we’ve really tried to improve the program. We’re just trying to keep it going in the right direction, to improve on last year with this year’s team. We have a good chance to do really well this year.

The NCAA released the first edition of the 2011 men’s basketball RPI rankings this week and Big East fans should feel encouraged by the results. The rankings are one of many tools used by the NCAA Men’s Basketball Committee to select teams for the NCAA tournament. This week’s ranking lists eight Big East teams among the top 18, with Georgetown at No. 1, Syracuse at No. 3, Connecticut at No. 5, St. John’s at No. 7, Pittsburgh at No. 10, West Virginia at No. 12, Notre Dame at No. 14 and Villanova at No. 18. By comparison, no other league has as many as three teams in the top 20.

Heath booted former guard Mike Mercer from the program on Monday after Mercer’s weekend arrest for marijuana possession. It marked the second arrest for Mercer since coming to USF from Georgia and it was the end of the line as far as Heath was concerned.

“I’d describe him as having an NBA body; a kid who will play both ends of the floor. When you play for Ben Howland at UCLA you know you’re gonna play defense.

Kurz gave Villanova the lead again, 47-46, with a three point play at the 1:06 mark. After Nova’s Siobhan O’Connor hit a pair of free throws to push the Wildcats lead to three points, Seton Hall sophomore Ebonie Williams sank a pair of free throws to cut the lead to 49-48 with 15.8 seconds left. In between two pairs of free throws by O’Connor was a traveling call on Williams which essentially ended any hopes Seton Hall had.

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