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In the spring of ’66, Dylan’s British Tour turned violent over dislike of his new electric sound. Naples reminds me of New York or San Francisco – it has these kinds of references to me because of the mix of culture.

Recently I was inspired to do this music list based on two performances I saw on Dancing with the Stars. They each had themes centered on the future. The first was a professional ballroom dance couple showcasing their recent robotic performance at a ballroom dance championship. Garry and Rita Gehkman made an appearance on this dance competition reality show. Usually that is done on Dancing with the Stars’ results show. It was a nice change of pace to see them on the performance night instead. Later that same night my favorite celebrity/pro couple, Evan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya, danced a futuristic cha-cha-cha that I absolutely loved.

In this version, Peppe Barra, who is the main guy, decided to start it with a chorus of “Pistol Packin'”, and then it actually goes into “Tammurriata Nera,” which is also a song that was written during the war. That’s why I made the movie. That song was one of my motivating factors.

Dances with Wolves- This is Costner’s most critically acclaimed film. He directed the epic and it 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Picture of 1990. It also won six other Oscars, including Best Director. Costner stars as Lt. John Dunbar in the film. The U.S Army sends Dunbar to protect a desolate outpost on frontier land. Dunbar become friends with a tribe of Sioux Indians and eventually joins them. Many of the scenes in the film, like the buffalo-hunting scene, are visual masterpieces. Costner does a wonderful job of playing a man who is lost and eventually discovers himself and his place in the world. The film is more than three hours long, but it is worth watching every minute.

Your colleague Roger Deakins has been nominated for nine Oscars, including the one this year for “True Grit,” but has never won the award. Do you think this is his year?

Soon after, Dylan went on tour with the Rolling Thunder Revue featuring Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Mick Ronson, Jonie Mitchell, Roger McGuinn and poet Allen Ginsberg. Throughout the tour, he featured “Hurricane” to protest boxer Rubin Carter being unjustly imprisoned for murder. He released the live album Hard Rain at the end of the tour. Then, in 1976, he released his third straight #1 album, Desire.

This is one of the futuristic songs featured in the professional dance couple’s routine. A prominent style of instrumentation featured is the early use of scratching from a turntable, or turntablism, throughout this instrumental piece. Now turntables are used extensively in rap, hip hop and dance clubs. Rockit was very popular in dance clubs during the mid ’80s. The music video is also futuristic in nature where robots are as humans. They are actually garment dummies used in the video. Herbie Hancock is a jazz pianist known for his jazz improvisations of blues, classical music, soul, funk and traditional jazz. I remembered seeing this video on MTV. It was and still is the most unique and perfectly synchronized music video ever put together.

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