Art installation at the David H. Koch Theater/Lincoln Center, NYC.

Art installation at the David H. Koch Theater/Lincoln Center, NYC.

Art installation at the David H. Koch Theater/Lincoln Center, NYC.
The New York City Ballet is turning to a hip artistic duo known for their tapestry-like sculptures, paintings and collages to help bring in a younger audience.
The New York City Ballet Art Series is a new initiative that will feature collaborations with contemporary visual artists who will create original works for the public spaces at the company’s home at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center.
The initiative is in keeping with the 65-year-old company’s tradition of partnering with outside artists on new music, ballets and sets, a practice started by its legendary founder George Balanchine and continuing under Ballet Master-in-Chief Peter Martins.
Like other cultural organizations, the NYCB is seeking innovative ways to attract new audiences in a world where the Internet, on-demand movies and other distractions compete for their time.
"The idea of working with young artists came up as a great way to honor that tradition and also reach out to new people who might be connected with those artists," said NYCB Executive Director Katherine Brown.
The inaugural commission went to the Brooklyn-based urban art duo of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, better known as FAILE.
They have created Tower of Faile, a 40-foot sculpture made of more than 2,000 wood blocks decorated with text and images inspired by the company’s dance repertoire, pieced together in a Jenga-like pillar. The tower will be on exhibit in the theater promenade, where it can be viewed from five rings of balconies, during the NYCB’S winter season from Jan. 15 through Feb. 24.

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