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By now we all have heard the stories about Britney, Lindsay and Paris going out without wearing any underwear. Remember those good ol’ days for the University of Maryland women’s basketball team? In truth, 2007 wasn’t the greatest year for movies.
As the paps swarmed Paris Hilton and Cy Waits’ car in West Hollywood, a photographer was hit and knocked to the ground when the car moved forward. Was it a hit and run?

Throughout her career, Brown has mostly worked on looks for magazines and fashions shows. She is also the exclusive beauty editor of the television show, The Today Show. Brown is a partner in the charity Dress for Success, where she gives underprivileged women attractive clothes and make up for job interviews. She has worked with the likes of Meg Ryan, Brooke Shields and Drew Barrymore in her time, but now concentrates on working with non-celebrities.

That’s it! That’s the brilliant, Einstein-like approach to getting a foot in the door. The process, as you’ve seen, is simple. But it’s worked for lots of folks, including me, and, as my photo reveals, I’m not exactly Paris Hilton.

We have already discussed some of things we can do to help make savings on our food budget in our previous article, ‘Cooking on a budget’. In this article, we will look at how we can grow our own fruit and vegetables for the table and supply longer-term products through freezing and converting fresh fruit to preserves, such as jam, chutney and relishes. All these little ‘luxury items’ cost money. If we can make them ourselves, so much the better.

I read an article that made me think about how people react to a positive or negative remark about weight. I believe people have a right to their views and we must ensure that we do not let ourselves get mislead into believing everything we read.

Others will say fashion is the reason. Okay, if they were wearing long, tight dresses that showed their panty lines that may be a reason. But these girls are wearing no underwear in the middle of the day, with shorts and short skirts, while doing their ordinary every day business. To me, this is just craving attention in all the wrong ways.

Megson is a noted indoor player and is the son of former Seattle Sounders head coach Neil Megson and is the nephew of English Premier side Bolton’s manager Gary Megson. A native of Tacoma, Wash., Megson had an acclaimed youth career in Washington State youth soccer winning five state titles culminating with a spot on the Regional U-18 squad. Megson is also in the U.S. National Indoor team.

Everything you read is not as it appears the first time you look at it. When I decided to take control of my weight I needed to be in charge of me. Food for thought.

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