Americana Music Festival Interview With Sturgill Simpson

For every ticket sold, $10 will go to the Haiti Earthquake relief efforts. (Watch video here). Most of the time, I’ll just be singing with my guitar — that’s often my favorite kind of performance to witness anyhow.
I’ve been playing the guitar for a long time. I started when I was twelve – I’m 34 now – learning “Smoke on the Water”by Deep Purple. After a week of constantly practicing the chorus using bar chords until my timing was perfect I realized that this was it! This was what I wanted to do with my life!

I am intimidated by women who are more intelligent than I am (which explains why I’m intimidated by about 97% of the female population). For a lot of people, intelligence is sexy. When someone is stupid, it’s frustrating and boring, which is enough to drive someone away.

Probably most new and the overtly commercial country music. That just feels soulless. Norwegian death metal curdles the milk in our fridge. We stay away from the explicit content. Not really into that.

The contest came down to two women. One was 28-year-old Jennifer Strange. She was the mother of two and was trying to win the Wii for her kids. They offered her front-row tickets for a Justin Timberlake concert that night. She declined. She said her head hurt and that she felt very bloated. She declined the tickets. The contest went on. They kept drinking water. They offered her the tickets again and this time she took the tickets. She came into the studio and everyone laughed and said she looked three months pregnant. She said again she had a headache.

Way too many to list here. We love the timeless rock bands that just never seem to go away. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. Bands like that built the framework on the house. David Bowie is incredible. Al Green. The Ronettes. ’80s thrash metal. There is so much good stuff through the decades. ’70s glam rock. The Ramones. Southern Rock. Motown. The first wave of grunge bands.

Instead of guitars and drums, the Rockabye Baby! version of the songs use mellotrons, vibraphones and bells. Snippets of the songs are available on the Rockabye Baby! website.

Ride Captain Ride, Blues Image: So much speculation has been made on this song that involves a lost ship and crew. One version claims it has to do with a ship lost with Sir Francis Drake; some even say the lyrics are really cloaked Biblical references. The truth of Ride Captain Ride, according to writer Mike Pinera, is that the song was purely a product of his imagination that day. As with Louie, Louie, those rumors fueled sales, so the writers rarely confirmed or denied the theories.

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