A List Of The Best Directors Working In Hollywood Today

Recently I was inspired to do this music list based on two performances I saw on Dancing with the Stars. However, “Slow Train Coming” received mixed reviews, went to #3 and Platinum. One that has things bouncing up and down more than a porn movie?

What’s a “treadmill movie?” The treadmill home videos available on the Internet mostly feature dogs, cats, and (even a shrimp!) on treadmills, people falling off treadmills, and men dancing on treadmills. No, treadmill movies is not where treadmills are the featured hero, villain, or theme. A treadmill movie is one people watch while using a treadmill! People have being doing this at the gym for years, but now that some home treadmills have bigger screens and can connect to the Internet, home users can choose the movies themselves.

Tin Cup- In one of his best performances, Costner plays golfer Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy. McAvoy is a driving range pro with little ambition in the beginning of the film. McAvoy’s “quest” in the film is to win the U.S. Open and win the heart of Dr. Molly Griswold, played by Rene Russo. Tin Cup is an inspirational underdog story with several funny moments. The unexpected ending of the story makes it unique among underdog films. Tin Cup is also by far the best film ever made about golf.

While I am not the biggest Spike Lee fan, it is hard to deny his talent. Some of Spike Lee’s best films have come out in recent years, and those include 25th Hour, starring Edward Norton, and Inside Man, starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen.

Turturro: I could have put the dates and the names. I did put the titles of the songs. We went back and forth – Simona Paggi (film editor) and I – on how much information we should give. We erred on the side of having you experience the music, having you experience the song. We subtitled most of the songs.

One director who has been quietly putting out great movies without getting much recognition until recently is Danny Boyle. Danny Boyle finally 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Director, as well as Best Picture, for Slumdog Millionaire.

Turturro: Well you know, I wasn’t trained that way. I’ve done crime films. I’ll do another one or two in the future. But I’ve tried to avoid that as much as I could. I’ve done a lot of classical theater: I’m going to do Chekhov, I’ve done a couple of Beckett plays, Shakespeare, Brecht, Ionesco.

The sheer number of books that have been made into movies seems to preclude the following bit of weird movie trivia from possibly being true. And yet, as the Emperor in Amadeus would say, there it is. Hard as it to believe, only two movies based on Pulitizer Prize winning novels have ever won the Academy Award for Best Picture. Those prize winning novels that were turned into prize winning movies are Gone with the Wind and All the King’s Men.

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