A Lesson In Branding From Paris Hilton

Last Thursday was a day filled with celebrity photo shoots in Hollywood. If all else fails, sit back, sip a Diet Coke, and remember that Paris and I believe in you. I wanted to know there was life out there and to no longer be hidden in the woods.
When you hear the word vacation, the various pictures of your earlier travels flash across your mind. They include both pleasant as well as unpleasant experiences as well.

That’s it! That’s the brilliant, Einstein-like approach to getting a foot in the door. The process, as you’ve seen, is simple. But it’s worked for lots of folks, including me, and, as my photo reveals, I’m not exactly Paris Hilton.

Less than flattering, blue even, is the klieg light Britney Spears has been under in recent years. According to multiple news sources, Miss Spears has been in a state of personal turmoil since the birth a second son, Jayden James Federline on September 12, 2006 and the end of her marriage to celebrity husband and rapper, Kevin Federline shortly thereafter.

The stress of the day, and the day before yesterday, was too, too, mush, a certain amount of nausea befell Shannon. He had been anxious to find his battalion, his outfit, and here he found an ammo dump, with a sergeant calling him a spy, and German planes trying to shoot at him.

“I’m so happy, he’s so loyal, and I trust him with my life and that’s something that means more to me than anything and . . . he’s amazing in every way, so we’ll see what happens,” she tells the website.

In 1921, Rupert D’Oyly Carte introduced Cox and Box as a curtain raiser to The Sorcerer, with additional cuts prepared by J. M. Gordon and Harry Norris. This slimmed-down “Savoy Version” remained in the company repertory as curtain raiser for the shorter Savoy Operas. By the 1960s, Cox and Box was the usual companion piece to The Pirates of Penzance. It received its final D’Oyly Carte performance on 16 February 1977.

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