5 Movies For Saint Patrick’s Day

Tin Cup is also by far the best film ever made about golf. One other film of this incredible actor’s that I feel the need to include on this list is Unleashed, or Danny The Dog. She has won an Emmy and Golden Globe for her role on Law & Order: SVU.
Ghost The Musical tickets at the Piccadilly Theatre London is becoming the night out for many a celeb popstar – Kylie, Peter Andre, JSL and Saturdays duo Marvin and Rochelle to name just a few. Even Dame Judi Dench loved the show saying ‘I was absolutely enchanted by the magic of Ghost. Simply sensational. Stupendous!’.

In January of 1961, Dylan dropped out of college and headed for New York City to follow his dream. One would guess the then 20-year-old young man had no idea that he would one day become Bob Dylan, the rock legend.

The decision to work with specific directors has to do with the project. In the case of [Guillermo del Toro] we had a very long relationship. I believe in him as a filmmaker. He is a very visual director and someone that understands the contribution that cinematographers offer is important not only for the creative process, but as a film language. That is the kind of relationship I like to have with a director.

The story of Ghost The Musical began back in 1990. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Film in 1990, Ghost The Musical became a blockbuster hit and an instant classic, winning numerous awards worldwide. The film starred Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg and was directed by Jerry Zucker. Bruce Joel Rubin’s script won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and Whoopi Goldberg 12 years a slave awards years a slave awards for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of psychic Oda Mae Brown.

Hepburn got married to Mel Ferrer in 1954. From 1967, she only acted occasionally as she decided to spend more time with her family. But her marriage with Ferrer didn’t last. After her divorce from Ferrer, Hepburn married Dr. Andrea Dotti an Italian psychiatrist, and in 1970, she had her second son. But her marriage with Dotti didn’t last for long either. After her divorce from Dottti, Hepburn tried to comeback to movies. She starred opposite Sean Connery in the period piece Robin and Marian in 1976, which was moderately successful.

However, the director of the film “Blackboard Jungle” wanted to feature a song the teens would like that was rebellious in sound. The star of the film, Glenn Ford, had a teenage son who had a rock music collection. When Richard Brooks, the film’s director, heard “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and his Comets the rest as they say is history. When the film was released the song was instantly number one on the Billboard chart for eight weeks.

Your colleague Roger Deakins has been nominated for nine Oscars, including the one this year for “True Grit,” but has never won the award. Do you think this is his year?

Upside of Anger- This film is not one of Costner’s most well-known films, but he gives his best acting performance in it. Costner plays Denny Davies, a former professional baseball player who works as a radio personality. Davies gets involved in the lives of Terry Ann Wolfmeyer and her four daughters. Terry is played by Joan Allen. Costner has many comedic, dramatic and romantic scenes with Allen. The scene which features Costner kicking down Allen’s door is especially powerful. Costner should have received a best supporting actor nomination for this film.

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