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While Leadbelly many not be listened to as much these days, he leaves behind a remarkable musical legacy. Also known as Riley King, he’s directly influenced many artists and even played with some, such as Eric Clapton and U2.
I’ll be the first to say that the gas shortage is taking the fun out of my favorite hobby, which is: driving around by myself. Have you ever tried it? Yes, driving with no destination in mind is quite a fun and liberating pastime. Next time you’re sitting there watching Stupid TV, not doing whatever it was that you said you were going to do, how about hitting the road for some clarity? You don’t have to go far, just a few miles down some winding country roads, or maybe a quick spin on the highway if there’s one close to your house.

The fact that the lyrics were rumored to be obscene, said author Dwight Rounds in his book, The Year the Music Died, was one of the most clever marketing tools in music. By the end of it all, the FBI tracked down the lyricist, The Kingsmen and record executives. To this day, it is held that the entire “obscene lyric” claim was a hoax.

Tunes of Texas is on site Wednesday through Friday, offering up a diverse karaoke selection with an even more diverse group of singers. Everyone from the seasoned, Kelly-Clarkson-belting vets to rather tipsy Led Zeppelin amateurs perform each night. If they don’t have what you’re looking for in the song list binder: “Don’t worry we’ll find it!” was the response. So bring any obscure request their way. They were able to find a Five Non Blondes song after hearing me hum a few notes, badly. Several drinks in, it may become almost impossible to recall nineties music; but Tunes of Texas knows their stuff.

Probably most new and the overtly commercial country music. That just feels soulless. Norwegian death metal curdles the milk in our fridge. We stay away from the explicit content. Not really into that.

Crazy Train: Randy Rhodes: Ozzy Osbourne: The Ozzman Cometh: Great tapping in this solo, then some killer licks before it finishes off with a blistering ascending run. There are some challenging fills in the song too, and the song itself is chock full of excellent riffs.

It is much too unfortunate that many band members from these iconic bands are now dead or rendered unable to perform due to years of vicious drug use. It’s just not the same going to see them in Hologram. Spotify and Grooveshark might be able to get you the audio, but YouTube and Palladia and only take you as far as their resolution. The realization is that we may never get to actually revel in the live experience these implicitly aforementioned acts offered to a generation of concert-goers.

The all-star lineup of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bass player John Paul Jones, and the aforementioned Bonham on the drums; released six consecutive brilliant albums to begin their careers. While rock and roll excess took its toll over the next few years leading up to Bonham’s death, the band cemented themselves as rock royalty.

Keep searching for great music. Keep supporting great musicians. Go to concerts. Listen to albums. Live a great life. Love it. I guess that’s enough. What else is there?

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