2010 Week 13 Ncaa College Basketball Rankings Have Kansas At #1 Again

The Wildcats, on the other hand, are heavy favorites who need to start putting their recent 2-5 slide behind them. Brian Joura also returns after signing a new contract extension similar to the one A-Rod signed: 10 years, 275 cents.

A shoplifter was choked to death by a CVS store manager for stealing a tube of toothpaste in Chicago, Daily Mail reports Jan. 17. The manager, identified as Pedro Villanova, clearly wasn’t going to tolerate any stealing in his store — even if it was just a small hygiene item. He chased the man who took the toothpaste and choked him once he caught up with him. A surveillance video captured the whole thing.

Villanova, who finished third in the Big East standings last season (13-5) and return eight players from last year’s Final Four team, is the coaches’ top choice for the first time since the 2005-06 season.

“I’d describe him as having an NBA body; a kid who will play both ends of the floor. When you play for Ben Howland at UCLA you know you’re gonna play defense.

How about up North? Purdue is the surprise leader in a Big 10 collision that includes Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Indiana (though those recruiting violations are a problem), and then Ohio State on the outside. Can the Boilermakers stay on top? With an impressive week that included victories over the Spartans and Badgers, they’ve shown they can and will take it to the big-shots of Big 10 basketball. Stay with the leader here: Purdue takes it.

On expectations for the defensive line: “I definitely expect not only from a players standpoint but from a leadership standpoint, I think we should provide more of that than we have in the past because we have a heavily dominated senior group, a lot of fourth, fifth year seniors and three of them will be four year starters. They have a lot of game experience and leadership wise, I think they should be better. I expect a good solid effort from them, I think we have some decent depth so I think we’ll definitely be rotating a bunch of guys in there, playing some young guys who maybe we haven’t seen as much of in the past but I want to be able to be fresh the whole game. I think that should definitely help us this year.

On the linebacking corps: “Losing Josh Rutter and Mike Pigram, there was a lot of experience in those guys no question. Jake Trantin’s played a lot of football for us and we’re going to move him to middle full time. Expectations are high for him; we believe he can be an all-league candidate. On the outside, what we actually have are a lot of interchangeable parts which is kind of a unique situation for us. Between Evan Francks, Wes Steinman, Donte Cook, Jabrel Mines, they all are kind of interchangeable parts that do a lot of things well. They are not very big but they are smart players that are active. They run well and play hard on a consistent basis.

On the amount of preparation involved in being an offensive lineman: “There’s a lot to do. It’s kind of underestimated; it’s kind of like the unsung hero. None of the glory but when we put points on the board and when we score and we win games we know it’s because we’ve been putting in the work during the week. We watch a lot of film so you’ve got to know your opponent. We’re not the big slow guys any more. We’ve got to be athletic because the players are just getting faster and stronger every year so we’ve got to keep up with that as well.

Here’s a look at the teams who have passed into the 2010 Sweet Sixteen, along with all match-ups and times of play. Sweet Sixteen NCAA tournament action will take place March 25-26.

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