(1/8) APM 2.5/2.6/2.7/2.8 – Simple installation and setup overview

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In this first video of the APM 2.5/2.6 series I show how to take the new board from ‘out of the packet’ to having the board connected to the radio receiver, configured and setup ready for installation into the frame of the model. http://ardupilot.org/

The latest firmware version supported on the APM 2.x boards is V3.2.1. When loading the firmware choose the option in the lower right hand of the screen to select ‘Pick Previous Firmware’ to load V3.2.1 of the code.

In this video we cover —

• What you’ll need
• Selecting and installing the firmware
• Calibration of the magnetometer and accelerometers
• Connection to the radio receiver
• Calibration of the RC channels
• Selection of the flight modes

In the next video I will show how to connect the board into the model and test motor connection.

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